Instructions for Presenters

The Iconic Live will be managing audio-visual and speaker support services for the 2019 Annual Scientific Congress.

Note: Presentations at the 2019 Annual Scientific Congress will be strictly timed. Presentation screens will go black at the end of your allocated time. Timers/Lighting cues will be available to assist you with your timing.

E-Poster Presentations

A template PowerPoint Poster is provided and must be used when creating your E-Poster. E-Posters of different dimensions may be skewed/stretched/truncated when displayed on the monitors at the Annual Scientific Congress unless they conform to the template. The E-Poster template can be downloaded from the link below or email for a copy.


  1. E-Posters are to be created using the template provided
  2. Guidelines to be followed when creating your E-Poster, download the E-Poster guideline + template for additional details
  3. E-Poster submissions have been extended to Tuesday 23 April. Submit electronically either using the upload form or via email to:
  4. You must be registered to attend the ASC (at least 1 day) to have your poster displayed

Please note that it is now a RACS requirement that any Conflict of Interest related to your presentation is disclosed on your E-Poster.

E-Poster Guidelines with Template link (pptx 5MB)
E-Poster Blank Template Slide link (pptx <1MB)

E-Poster Upload Form link

Verbal Presentations


  1. Use of PowerPoint template to prepare your presentation is optional
  2. Default screen format is 16:9 (4:3 presentations will not be compromised)
  3. Presentation upload has been extended to Tuesday 23 April. Submit electronically either using the upload form or via email to:
  4. You must be registered to attend the ASC to present your paper
  5. You must see speaker support on-site before presenting

Please note that it is now a RACS requirement that any Conflict of Interest related to your presentation is disclosed.

Only upload/submit your presentation if it is complete.

PowerPoint Presentation Template (optional) (pptx 3MB)
Verbal Presentation File Upload Form link


To ensure that every speaker is presented in the most professional way, the following guidelines should apply:

• It is essential that all speakers check-in at the speakers’ support centre (whether or not you have uploaded a file in advance) no less than two sessions prior to your presentation, or the previous day if presenting in a morning session. This is to check that any embedded media such as video or audio files are working correctly on the Congress systems, and ensure that the correct version of your presentation is transferred to the session room in good time.

• Tuesday morning is an extremely busy time for speakers support, please only see speaker support at this time if you have presentations for Tuesday 6th May.

• Advance submissions of completed presentations will be accepted via an online upload facility available until Tuesday 23 April. Presentations that are not complete by that date must be submitted on site at the speakers’ support centre.

• Speaker support operators will assist you in checking through your completed presentation and helping with any technical queries, such as how to set media files for playback or special transitions. This should be a quick process taking no more than 10 minutes.

• Please note that wholesale changes or helping to build presentations from scratch is not the role of the speakers’ support centre. If you think you need help with a presentation that is going to be time consuming you should request this of the speakers’ support receptionist so that it can be scheduled for an off-peak time, such as during the afternoon sessions.

• Please submit your presentation in good time. ‘Last minute’ submissions hamper the speakers’ support operation, impact negatively on your fellow presenters and significantly increase the risk of there being a problem with your presentation.

• A PowerPoint template is available for download. The template will reflect the theme of the Congress and provide examples of suggested text sizes and fonts.

• The default aspect ratio for slides is 16:9 (wide screen) rather than 4:3. This is to reflect the fact that the standard template in the latest version of PowerPoint (Office 365 for Windows, Office 2016 for Mac) is 16:9 (wide screen) – which is in line with the format of most screens today (TVs, iPads, tablets, etc.). However, please note that the older 4:3 (non-wide screen) format will be supported and your presentation will not be compromised in size or resolution if you choose to stay with this format.

• Only presentations in PowerPoint are supported by default. Any variation to this format must be advised by Tuesday 23 April to

• Presentations created on PC or Mac versions of PowerPoint are accepted – however please note that playback on site will be via a PC.

• Please ensure that any media files (embedded movies and / or audio clips) are included when uploading your presentation.



•   To mitigate the foibles of multiple laptops being plugged and unplugged, with associated interruptions and a greater margin for technical error, the use of your own laptop is not supported by the systems in place. All presentations should be checked in at speaker support well in advance of your presentation so that the smooth running of videos or other media can be confirmed as working ok on the computers provided in the session room.

•   You will have control of your presentation with a wired cue button fixed to the lectern. See image below. A laser pointer will also be provided, however please note that in larger auditoriums laser pointers can be hard for the audience to see.


•   Please note that there will be a monitor/screen adjacent to the lectern showing your presentation in PowerPoint’s Presenter View. This will show your current slide on screen with any associated notes plus a smaller image of your next slide. Any notes should be kept brief if you are to rely upon reading them off screen during your presentation, as the display area is limited.



•   College policy requires disclosure of all financial relationships between a speaker and the commercial supporter (if applicable) or with the manufacturer of any product or class of products they plan to discuss. This policy is designed to provide the audience with an opportunity to review any affiliations between a speaker and supporting organisations for the purpose of determining the potential presence of bias or influence over content.

•   This policy is not intended to prevent a speaker with such an affiliation or relationship from participating.

•   Disclosure should be made using a slide at the beginning of your presentation.

•   Examples of relationships which should be disclosed include but are not limited to:

o  any direct financial interest in a company whose interests are in the area(s) covered by the educational material
o  investments held by the speaker in a relevant company
o  membership on a relevant company’s advisory board or similar committee
o  current or recent participation in a clinical trial sponsored by a relevant company
o  assisting in the design of clinical studies concerning the use of products manufactured by a relevant company.
o  participating in clinical studies using products produced by a relevant company.
o  research by the speaker sponsored by a relevant company
o  paid speaker by a relevant company.
o  the speaker holds a patent for a product referred to in the presentation or marketed by a relevant company
•   To ensure that audiences receive complete information, speakers who have no involvement with industry should inform the audience that they have nothing to disclose, i.e., cannot identify any potential conflict of interest.


•   You are encouraged to upload your presentation via the presentation upload form. Please note if your presentation includes multiple files, you must compress / zip them together to create a single folder for upload.

•   If emailing please send to: note there is a 10MB limit for email submissions)

Your cooperation in early submission and check-in on site will help the AV team ensure that your presentation runs seamlessly.


Subject to your consent, speaker presentations are expected to be published on the Virtual Congress website within 48 hours of delivering your presentation at the meeting.

If you have any queries or concerns about your presentation please contact Iconic Live’s speaker support  co-ordinator on +61 3 9034 5221 or at