Monday 2 May 2022: 8:15am - 4:30pm

Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane

Cost: $150.00 incl. GST

Minimum: 12

Maximum: 24

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce trainees and surgical fellows to the role and utility of point of care ultrasound in endocrine surgery. There will be a combination of clinically relevant lectures in the morning and small group hands on activities in the afternoon. Topics to be covered include the principles and physics of ultrasound, normal anatomy of the neck, imaging and endocrine pathology, interventional ultrasound, clinical applications of ultrasound, accreditation, billing, and Medicare requirements. In the practical sessions, participants will be able to familiarise themselves with various machines, learn to identify normal landmarks and endocrine pathology in the central and lateral neck and to perform fine needle aspiration.