Conveners’ Invitation

On behalf of the organising committee we invite you to participate in the 86th Annual Scientific Congress (ASC) to be held at the Adelaide Convention Centre from Monday 8 May to Friday 12 May 2017.

The value of individual surgical procedures is currently being defined in a bid to rationalise the health dollar. The time honoured tools of peer review and audits of activity and outcome are now challenged by an economic value metric which surgeons have previously not had to contend with. Despite this, the race to develop – and to implement – new technologies in surgical practice shows no signs of slowing down. Whilst surgeons are regularly challenged to justify the cost of adopting these new technologies in everyday practice, questions are also presently asked about the validity and value of procedures surgeons have performed for many years.

The future of surgery is likely to be defined by how we address these particular challenges of the present. It is this future – safe and sustainable – that the ASC 2017 in Adelaide will address, and attempt to define, over the course of the Congress. The scientific program and plenary sessions have been constructed by the conveners to address the theme of the Congress – “Safe and Sustainable – the Future of Surgery?” Whilst there will be the expected high standard of scientific discourse in the various specialty sections, the plenaries will address the questions of sustainability of modern surgery, safety and efficacy evaluation of evolving technologies and the crucial question of audit and quality assurance that will be required to take surgery into a safe and sustainable future.

We look forward to meeting you at the ASC 2017 in Adelaide.

  • ASC Convener: Mr Peter Subramaniam FRACS

  • ASC Scientific Convener: Mr David Walsh FRACS

President’s Invitation

Dear Colleagues,

In the 86th year of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons’ Annual Scientific Congress, the meeting returns to the beautiful city of Adelaide. The theme of the Congress “Safe and Sustainable Surgery” will help to address many of the competing interests in the delivery of surgical care in our community.

The competing interests of safety and financial interests and the rationalisation of the health dollar provide concern for us all and these issues will be discussed in our plenary sessions. The difficult issues relating to the adoption of new technology and their validity to the community as a whole will be examined.

There is a unique feature of the RACS Annual Scientific Congress that needs to be highlighted. It is a uniqueness that I believe is unrivalled on the world stage. It is rare to see so many specialty groups gather in one place to engage and interact. This provides an exceptional opportunity to learn what others are doing. It can be inspirational to listen to how leaders in their field have embraced and developed technology in their areas of interest or developed new paradigms of practice or decision making. Often these new approaches can be adopted and progressed in other areas. This “cross-fertilisation” potential is a powerful component of our meeting. We are also able to address generic issues that can have a broad application. This has been manifest by the growing popularity of our Education and Trauma sections. This multi-disciplinary theme is also reflected in our Plenary Sessions that are specifically designed to appeal to Fellows of all craft groups.

Of course, the Fellowship aspects cannot be discounted and these are well addressed with the section dinners and the Congress dinner on Thursday night. Being South Australia, the wines have already been reserved. Why not catch up with friends at one of Adelaide’s many exceptional restaurants on another night?

The Adelaide Convening Committee, chaired by Peter Subramaniam and the chair of the Scientific Committee, David Walsh, working with many colleagues, have compiled an outstanding program of exceptional merit. At this time, many national and international speakers have confirmed their participation as Congress Visitors. The invitations to this impressive faculty are possible due to funding from your College through the ASC Funding Program and from our industry partners who are acknowledged in the program.

Reviewing the program, there are numerous exceptional speakers. The 2017 Syme Oration will be delivered during the Convocation and Professor Ian Harris will deliver the President’s Lecture.

Therefore, I encourage you to read carefully the program before you and not just for your own specialty but elsewhere in the program.

Congratulations to our South Australian Colleagues for an excellent program and like them, I look forward to welcoming you to Adelaide in May.

  • RACS President: Mr Philip Truskett AM, FRACS