Go Green ASC – Travel and Transport

Flying to Melbourne?

We understand that for some delegates, getting to the ASC via air travel is necessary. If you have to fly, consider some of the things you can do below to reduce your carbon footprint.

Offset your travel –  Many airlines, including all of Australia’s leading domestic airlines provide the option to purchase carbon offsets when booking your flights. It’s as easy as selecting a box upon checkout.
Travel light – The more you pack, the heavier the plane is and the more fuel that is needed to fly the plane. Consider what items are truly necessary for your travels.
Fly direct – Planes use the most fuel during take off and landing. If you can, fly direct or take the most direct route to and from your destination.
Fly economy – Flying economy means that more people can be flown on one plane using the same amount of fuel. If you’re only on a short haul flight, consider whether you really need to fly business.
Use your local airport – When you can fly direct from your local airport, travelling to a further airport means you’re creating more emissions through car travel.

Public Transport in Melbourne

Transport emissions in Australia have grown more than any other sector and have increased nearly 60% since 1990. Of this, cars are responsible for roughly half of these emissions. Travel on all forms of public transport involves fewer emissions per person per kilometre than the average Australian car.

Always consider before you drive if getting there via public transport is a viable option. Learn more about Melbourne’s public transport below.

Melbourne Tram

What First?

Important: Victorian Government rules stipulate that you must wear a mask at all times while travelling on Melbourne public transport

The most important thing to do before you travel on public transport in Melbourne is to get your myki card. Unless you’re travelling exclusively within the free tram zone, you will need a myki card to touch on/off on all types of public transport to pay for your fare. You can buy a physical myki card or, if you have an Android phone, you can get a digital myki through your Google Pay App.

Physical mykis can be bought at hundreds of shops including all 7-Eleven stores. You can also get your card through a myki machine at a train station or selected tram stops. Click here to find out more about mykis, where to buy them and information on using them.

Plan Your Journey

Public Transport Victoria’s (PTV) online journey planner makes it super easy to plan your journey to and from your destination, providing a step by step guide on how to get to where you want to go using public transport.

Click here to access the journey planner online or download the PTV App on your phone through the Apple App Store of Google Play Store.

Trams, Trains and Buses

Did you know Melbourne has the world’s largest operational tram network? It also supports the development of renewable energy farms within Victoria. Since January 2019, the Victorian Government has been investing in new large-scale solar plants through the Solar Trams TAKE2 pledge. These solar farms will produce the same amount of energy used to power the tram network each year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80,000 tonnes every year.

Along with Melbourne’s extensive tram network, there are multiple options for catching public transport in and around the city including trains and buses. Check out some options on how to get to the Congress below.

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) has a tram stop directly out the front, serviced by three different tram lines (12, 96 and 109) and another tram stop a short 5 minute walk away serviced by an additional three tram lines (35, 70 and 75).

  • If you live in Melbourne and the outer suburbs and get into the city via train, catch it into Southern Cross Station and take the 96 tram 2 stops towards St Kilda Beach, get off directly outside the MCEC at stop 124A – Casino/MCEC/Clarendon St. Alternatively, MCEC is just a short 10 minute walk from Southern Cross Station.
  • If you’re staying anywhere in the CBD, tram routes 12 and 109 running along Collins Street, and tram route 96 running along Bourke Street will take you directly outside the the MCEC.
  • Catch the train into the iconic Flinders Street Station and take a 10-15 minute stroll along the banks of the Yarra River directly to MCEC.

Even if it’s not possible for you to do all these things, remember that if everyone chooses to do one small thing each time, many small things can make a large impact.

Flinders Street