Go Green ASC – Food and Beverage

What are we doing?

RACS is working closely with the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) to reduce our waste and environmental footprint in relation to food and beverage consumption at the ASC. Browse below to see what we are up to!

100 Mile Market Menu

RACS has been working with the MCEC to deliver their 100 mile market menu to our delegates. This menu sources all major ingredients from local farms and markets within a 100 mile (approx 161km) radius of the venue. The MCEC chefs are creating a delicious menu for us with a focus on locally sourced, passionate and ethical Victorian suppliers, seasonal products and produce. Not only does this promote the wonderful producers we have right here in Victoria but also helps to reduce our environmental footprint.

More Plant Based Options

Overall, animal-based foods tend to have a higher carbon footprint than plant-based foods; which is why in addition to sourcing food locally, we’re focusing on reducing the amount of meat and animal products throughout our menus in 2021. In addition to being better for the environment, it’s also healthier for our bodies as a healthy diet consists largely of a diversity of plant-based foods and low amounts of animal source foods.

Morning and afternoon teas will be completely vegetarian for all 5 days of the Congress. Animal products will still be provided however, these will be reduced and we will generally be opting for those products that produce lower greenhouse gas emission across their supply chain.

Check out the effects the foods we consume have on our environment here.

Food Waste

In Australia alone, nearly four million people experience food insecurity each year; one quarter of those are children. The Government estimates food waste costs the Australian economy $20 billion each year.

The MCEC have implemented a more regimented ordering process to reduce their food wastage and since 2014 the food and beverage department has been working with Oz Harvest to maximise the amount of food they redistribute. In the 2018/2019 Financial Year, MCEC redistributed 56,277 meals through OzHarvest’s food rescue donation program. Through their partnership with OzHarvest, MCEC are able to save and donate the below from landfill:

• Bread
• Sandwiches
• Dessert and pastries
• Fruit and vegetable
• Dry goods
• Beverages
• Raw meats

To learn more about OzHarvest and all the good they’re doing, check out their website here.

For food that is not able to be donated, MCEC have an onsite organic dehydrator which helps to reduce their volume of organic waste by 75-80 percent, turning excess food into organic compost to help feed the environment.

To learn more about MCEC’s efforts to reduce their food waste, click here.