Presentation Recording and Remote Presenting ​


You are free to record your video (MP4 video format) with any software you feel comfortable with. If you have little experience recording videos, we recommend using either of the following programs to complete your recording.

1) Microsoft PowerPoint
If you are already familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint, you can use it to record both audio narration and, optionally, a webcam recording of yourself superimposed on the slides. Additionally, if you add your script to the Notes field, the notes will appear at the top of your screen (normally right below where the camera is located) to help you hold your gaze towards the camera.

Please set the aspect ratio of your PowerPoint slides to 16:9.

The basic steps for recording are:
a. Go to the “Slide Show” tab.
b. Click on “Record Slide Show” button and select “Record from Beginning”.
c. Use the “Settings” button on the upper right corner allows you to select your microphone and camera.
d. If you do not wish to be visible in the recording, you can turn off webcam recording using the little camera icon below your slides on the lower right corner.
e. Click “Record” on the upper left corner. PowerPoint will start a 3-second countdown and then start recording. The recording will automatically stop after your last slide.
f. Select “File” -> “Export” -> “Create a Video” to save your recording on your hard drive (We recommend a resolution of 1080p to make sure the quality is high enough. Please do not go lower than 720p).

Tip: Pause your speech before advancing to the next slide

2) Zoom
If you have created a Zoom account (including the free version), you can simply start a Zoom meeting and record the meeting to your local hard drive.

The basic process is as follows:
a. Start a new Zoom meeting.
b. “Exit Full Screen” if the meeting window has covered your whole screen by default.
c. If you are using a slide deck, open it in a new window. In PowerPoint, you can set the slide show to begin in a window (instead of taking up the whole screen) by following these steps:
d. Go to the “Slide Show” tab
e. Click the “Set up Slide Show” button
f. Select “Browsed by an Individual Window”
g. Click the “From Beginning” button to begin the slide show.
h. In the Zoom toolbar, click “Share Screen” and select the “PowerPoint window”.
i. Click “Record” in Zoom (it may be under the “More” button). You can also start recording by using the Alt+R combination on your keyboard.
j. The recording will begin immediately. Go through your presentation. When you are done, click the “Stop Recording” button, or the Alt+R key combination again.
k. End your meeting.
l. Wait for the recording to be processed. It will be saved on your computer, and Zoom will open the folder with the recording.