Foundation for Surgery

The Official Charity of the ASC

The Foundation for Surgery is striving for a world where all children, families and communities can access quality surgical care.

The Foundation for Surgery assists in providing critical surgical services in disadvantaged communities in South East Asia, the Pacific, Indigenous Australia and New Zealand; training to support the increased capacity of local surgeons in these locations; as well as research to forge improved surgical care.

Last year alone the Foundation for Surgery supported:

  • Over 10,584 patients in Asia-Pacific receiving specialist consultation
  • Delivery of over 2,526 critical procedures in Asia-Pacific countries
  • The delivery of 23 skills courses and specialist training workshops in these Asia-Pacific countries
  • Indigenous medical students in Australia and New Zealand including five Aboriginal medical students and five Maori doctors attendance of the ASC in Brisbane and one-day surgical course in Victoria
  • Ground-breaking research and training in early detection and treatment of cancer; ear, nose and throat disorders; heart and lung disease; joint health; brain and spinal cord function; as well as reconstructive surgery and many other areas to assist people to live their healthiest lives.
  • Advances in patient care through pioneering research in laparoscopy and robotic technology, haemorrhage control and many others areas resulting in better outcomes if/when people require surgery.

Help today by making a tax deductible donation

100% of your donation will assist in meeting critical surgical need. All costs (overhead, staff, marketing, management and operations) of the Foundation for Surgery are covered with thanks to the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons so that every dollar of your donation can go where it’s needed most.

All donations are tax deductible within Australian and New Zealand.

The Foundation for Surgery would not exist without your support.

Thank you.