Conveners’ Invitation

Yes it’s Bangkok in 2019.

The Complete Surgeon: Backing The Future will be the theme for our ASC.

We are all moving towards that future and need to equip ourselves to provide the best possible care for our communities. And the historical trend has been to increase subspecialisation which places that care at risk.

So it is critical that all surgeons maintain their ability to think and act within and across our specialties rather than only being proficient in a very narrow field. At the same time, we as surgeons, must understand the skills that other specialists can add to the care of our patients.

In this meeting, which is being convened by Wellington, New Zealand, we recognise that there is a need to embrace the broader skills set. This will be further enhanced by our understanding the benefits of diversity of all descriptions within our surgical fellowship.

We are closely collaborating with our south-east Asian colleagues, and look forward to also involving them into the program, again recognising the importance of diversity and inclusion.

The future, of course, requires us to embrace new, innovative, exciting and revolutionary treatments.

Together with the ASC 2019 Executive and the Section Conveners we are excited to be assembling a program which will explore all of the above topics.

Bangkok, a vibrant south-east Asian destination is not to be missed. In addition to a dynamic thought provoking ASC program we will also be offering daily social and educational tours, as well as a range of exciting post tours to Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and through Thailand.

We look forward to you joining us at Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre from 6 – 10 May 2019. Save the date in your diary now.


Nigel Willis Craig MacKinnon
Nigel Willis FRACS
ASC 2019 Convener
Craig MacKinnon FRACS
ASC 2019 Scientific Convener