Sponsorship & Exhibition

The Annual Scientific Congress (ASC) is the largest annual multi-disciplinary surgical meeting held in Australasia. The 2017 Congress is estimated to attract over 1,500 registrants comprising surgeons, surgical trainees and other health professionals. Of this amount it is estimated that approximately 70% of delegates attending the ASC are surgeons and 30% comprise surgical trainees and other health professionals.


Why Should you be Involved?

Involvement with the RACS ASC 2017 provides your company with direct access to and contact with over 1,500 surgeons, surgical trainees and other health professionals from Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America and other countries.

Sponsorship Prospectus

Download a copy of the sponsorship and exhibition prospectus for details.
Alternatively, for further information please contact:

Caroline Handley
Events Manager, Conferences & Events Department
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
College of Surgeons’ Gardens
250 – 290 Spring Street
T +61 3 9249 1273
F +61 3 9276 7431
E caroline.handley@surgeons.org