Monday 1 May 2023: 8:00am - 12noon

    Venue: Riverbank Room 4, Adelaide Convention Centre


    Over the past three years, there has been considerable work carried out between RACS and the Specialty Training Committees/Boards (STC/B) in revising the existing standards and developing a new shared accreditation service model to support delivery of quality training and patient care at hospitals. This workshop aims to bring all stakeholders of the new RACS HTP Accreditation standards and service together to hear the progress made to date and provide insight and direction on critical decisions to be made over the next year.


    RACS is committed to working collaboratively with the STC/B’s to strengthen the accreditation process and meet AMC standards. Ensuring future governance, policy, process and software requirements meet the needs of all stakeholders is a priority. Piloting the new standards and service model will begin in 2024, STC/B feedback is crucial for developing an accreditation model that best meets everyone’s needs.


    This workshop will detail the program overview including the governance framework, revised processes for the hospital training accreditation services to be jointly completed by RACS and STC/Bs, an evidence and outcomes matrix, where risk should identify governance oversight, what data is essential and meaningful to collect to impact accreditation and training strategy and how that data will be collected and shared.  


    Target audience: Trainees, Supervisors, Trainers and Fellows involved in education & training, hospital and department administration. 


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