Monday 2 May 2022: 9:30am - 1:00pm

Venue: Institute for Collaborative Race Research (ICRR), 14 Lockhart St Woolloongabba 4102 

Cost: Complimentary for registered delegates 

Departs: 9:00am – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane 

Returns: 1:00pm – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane 


The site visit will include: 

  • A tour of ICRR’s community space at Southside House, 
  • An introduction to ICRR’s story, including its history, work, and community, 
  • A reading and discussion on race in health facilitated by ICRR directors 

  • A catered morning tea

About Institute for Collaborative Race Research (ICRR) 

Institute for Collaborative Race Research (ICRR) is waging an uncompromising war on race in this place, grounded in Indigenous sovereignty, community, and dignity. The war on race tackles the foundational structures of white supremacy and racial violence. 


We do the intellectual work that informs, arms, ignites, validates, and celebrates anti-racist actions. 

We recognise that undermining the power of race requires strategizing across various legal, political, cultural, social, and creative fronts. 


Spirit and courage of Blackfullas in telling the truth about race informs how we lead, build, and serve. We undertake a wide range of activities to fulfil our purpose, including but not limited to: commissioning or undertaking reports or public commentary, hosting public events, seminars, workshops, reading groups and other forms of knowledge sharing. 


ICRR is proudly independent, we do not rely on funding from any institution, university, or government. This gives us the freedom to tell the truth about race and do work that is loyal to Black communities and our values: joy, care, spite, solidarity, accountability, excellence, love.